Clear Preferences (Mac OSX)

By clearing your Mixbus preferences completely, Mixbus can be launched as if it were a clean installation.

To delete your Mixbus preferences, please open the Finder. Click the "Go" menu, and then hold Option key; you should now see the "Library" folder in your menu. Click the 'Library" entry, and Finder should open, showing you the contents of your Library folder. Then find the Preferences subfolder, and open that. You should now see a list of preferences folders for many of your installed software programs. You should find one folder labeled "Mixbus{version}".

Please drag the Mixbus{version} folder to your Desktop (or just Delete it). Then re-launch Mixbus. Mixbus will create a new, empty preferences folder with the default settings.  Click Preferences->Plugins->"Clear AU Cache" and "clear AU blacklist" to start from a clean system and re-scan your plugins.

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