PC Hardware specifications

If I'm buying or building a computer, what motherboard / cpu / etc  should I buy to work best with Mixbus?

Unfortunately we are not able to provide much hardware-specific suggestions, because there are infinite combinations,  and we rarely have more than a few "currently available" systems here.  And we don't do much comparison between them.

The kinds of things that affect realtime audio performance (mainly the motherboard's bus & interrupt architecture) are nearly impossible to determine before you assemble a system.  We build very high-performance computers for our large consoles, and it often takes several iterations of motherboard, cpu, and peripherals before we find a combination that works well.

This is one of the reasons why so many users choose Mac when they buy a new computer for audio.... macs are configured by the manufacturer to be good at realtime audio tasks ( although a really great PC can outperform them ... if you have time to find the right combination )

We often receive the question: should I get a faster CPU, or a system with more CPUs?  It is probably better to get the slower 6-core machine than the 4-core.  Mixbus can assign each 'track' to a separate cpu; and by doing so it can even the load across your cpu's.   The only caveat would be:  if you are planning to use some -very- cpu intensive plugins,  but not many tracks,   you might get better performance from a faster clock and fewer processors.

For up-to-date information about computer setups and performance, please contact a pro-audio shop that specializes in audio computers.

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