Multi-Out VST instruments ( like EZDrummer )

NOTE:  This is a topic for advanced users

Specific notes about EZdrummer:  Because of the nature of the instrument, all outputs from EZ Drummer stereo, regardless of their stereo pairing status.  In other words, when EZDrummer says "out1", it actually indicates channel output pins 1&2.   "out2" means pins 3&4.  There are a few steps and conventions you want to be aware of when pushing these outputs separately across Mixbus. Firstly, the first two outputs on the pin-out diagram are the stereo feed for the instrument. Second, because of this offset and the stereo nature of all of the outputs, the individual outputs from EZ Drummer are pushed up by a certain amount e.g Kick on EZ Drummer output 1, is actually outputting on 3 and 4 from the pin-out diagram.

The steps for getting this set up are as follows: insert the instrument onto a MIDI track, then, setup the outputs in the Mixer tab of the instrument to be multichannel. Then, click the pinout button located at the top of the instrument. Next at the bottom of the diagram you will notice a small menu that says 'Automatic', this is Mixbus' attempt at trying to figure out how many outputs are on this instrument, as an Audio Unit on mac, the program itself can actually tell Mixbus how many outputs are in the instrument, but as a VSTi, there is no such capability. Change this from automatic to "32 Channels". Finally, set up a new stereo audio track, and link it's inputs to any of the 32 outputs of EZ Drummer, as a L/R stereo pair.


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