License Installation: Offline Method

When you complete your purchase through Harrison's store, you should receive an email with a download link for your license key.

Most users will use the built-in license installation feature, when Mixbus prompts you for a license.  However, if your computer doesn't have internet access then you might need to install the file manually.

Using an online computer, please click the license link.  You should find the license file in your Downloads folder.  Save the license file to a USB stick or other media which you will transfer to the offline computer.  The file should be named exactly as it was downloaded;  for example Mixbus4 license file is: "license_key_harrison_mixbus4.txt".  Make sure to save the file and do not save the file from a text editor, or otherwise change the contents of the file.

Windows often hides the  ".txt" extension, so make sure not to add an additional .txt  at the end of the filename.  You should not have to rename or modify the file in any way, after you've downloaded it.

On the offline computer, please save the file to your HOME folder.  The location of the HOME folder varies with each OS:

  • Mac OSX:  your home folder is typically "Mac HD/Users/{your name}", or open a Finder window, and in the main menu click Go->HOME
  • Windows Vista and newer:  your home folder is typically "C:/Users/{your name}", or click your name at the top of the Start menu
  • Windows XP:  your home folder is typically "C:/Documents and Settings/{your name}", or click your name at the top of the Start menu
  • Linux:  your home folder is typically "/home/{your name}"

Once the file is saved to your license folder, you can restart Mixbus, and it should report that it is licensed.

For additional help downloading your license file, watch the video for your system:

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