Mouse and Keyboard recommendations

Why does Mixbus require a 3-button mouse and fullsize keyboard?

Mixbus is a professional application that operates most efficiently if functions are immediately accessible.

Mixbus uses the middle-click button to quickly enable and disable plugins; among other features. The scroll wheel is used for zooming and panning in the editing canvas. The right-click button provides popup context menus.

Mac laptops, and the"Magic mouse", can be fussy with right- or middle- clicking. For professional users, we suggest that you purchase an inexpensive USB 3-button mouse for Mixbus.  However, if you don't have access to a mouse, you can still use your touchpad or magic-mouse with the secondary clicking feature.  The choice between mice, touchpads, trackballs and pointing sticks has been known to cause fist-fights among engineers; so be warned that everyone has their own preference!

Similarly, Mixbus has a very wide range of keyboard editing functions available. A full-function keyboard with number pad will allow the user instant access to many more features than a typical laptop keyboard allows. We suggest that users find an inexpensive full-size USB keyboard for use with Mixbus.

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