Track Freeze

We are sometimes asked to implement a "Track Freeze" feature in Mixbus.

Mixbus has 2 very important features:

1)  the mixer strip controls (eq, compressor, bus sends) are always "live" in the mixing engine.  They cannot be removed like a regular plugin.  This allows you to mix like a real console.   This means that we cannot freeze the EQ, compressor, bus sends, or fader in the signal flow.

2)  Mixbus allows you to move the signal flow order, as part of the mixing process.  For example, you can move the fader to the "top" of the signal flow, before the EQ and compressor.  Or even before a virtual instrument (in this case, the fader scales the velocity of the notes that are sent to the instrument)

These are 2 wonderful features that other DAWs do not have.

However, it makes it difficult to add a "freeze" feature.  There would be many rules which must be followed by the user, and we think this might be confusing.

The current workaround is to create a new stereo track, and "bounce" the track that you would like to freeze to the new track.  Then set the original track to "inactive" and "hidden".  You can return to the track later, if you need to make changes, and re-bounce it.

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