System Requirement (v7 and earlier)

This applies to Mixbus and Mixbus32C v7 and earlier!

Mixbus runs on nearly any desktop or laptop computer running Windows, Mac, or Linux.   There is a free "demo" version to see if Mixbus works with your setup.

Mac OS:

  • OS version:   10.6.8 or newer, including 10.16 (Big Sur).
  • Any CoreAudio-supported audio device.
  • Supported plugin formats: AudioUnit, VST, and VST3.


  • OS version:   Windows XP or newer (Windows7 is the suggested minimum)
  • ASIO audio devices are preferred for high performance.  But Mixbus can also use built-in soundcards (choose the MME driver).
  • Supported plugin formats: VST, VST3


  • Kernel version 2.6 or higher.  An audio-based distribution such as AVLinux, UbuntuStudio, or CCRMA is recommended.
  • ALSA or JACK-supported audio device.
  • Supported plugins: VST, VST3

All platforms:

  • 2+ cpu cores/processors are highly recommended.
  • 2Gig or more RAM is highly recommended (or much more, if you use sample-based virtual instruments).
  • A standard 3-button mouse with scrollwheel is recommended.  Trackpads and "Magic Mice" also work well.
  • A full-size keyboard with number pad is highly recommended (extra transport controls on the number keys)
  • 250 MB available hard disk space (for program installation only).
  • For Mixbus:  A monitor with a height of 900 pixels (or more) is highly recommended.
  • For Mixbus32C:  A monitor with a height of 1200 pixels (or more) is highly recommended.
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