Installing the Mixbus license

When you complete your purchase of a Harrison software product ( Mixbus, Mixbus32C, or plugins ), you will immediately receive an email with the application download links and a link to a "license file" that must be saved to your HOME folder.  As a convenience, Mixbus will prompt you for the license file when it is launched, and even help you install it.  Please read this entire page, and if you are still having trouble then visit the troubleshooting article.

The license is checked when Mixbus starts: If your license is correctly installed, then Mixbus will show your name in the startup screen, and continue normally.  If the file is not correctly installed, then Mixbus will alert you upon startup, and prompt you to enter your license file.  If you don't want to install your license right now ( or if you don't have one), you can just choose to run Mixbus in "demo" mode, which introduces an occasional "hiss" in the audio signal. 

Using Mixbus without a license file:  If you choose to use Mixbus without a license file ("demo mode"), it will work normally except for an occasional quiet noise ("hiss").  This prevents you from publishing complete commercial-quality mixes, but otherwise has no effect on the operation or sound of Mixbus.  Additionally, the Mixbus product page will be displayed in your web browser when Mixbus is launched.  You can fully license Mixbus any time by downloading the license file to your system.  No re-install of Mixbus is required.

Allowing Mixbus to install the license file:  As a convenience, Mixbus can help you download the license file and store it in your HOME folder automatically.  To do that, paste the license link ( the web address of the file ) into Mixbus's license manager window.  This prompt happens automatically on startup, or you can visit the window in Window->License Manager.  You should post the link text.   Your window should look something like this:

  • NOTE:   there are many cases ( security settings, internet availability, or a timed-out license link )  that might prevent Mixbus from downloading your license link. In this case, you can install the license link manually, or even download the link from another computer and install it to your studio computer.

Installing the license file manually:  The Harrison "license file" for each of our products is a simple text file.  You can click to download the file (or paste the link into your browser), and then save the file to your HOME folder.  For more details, see this article.  This process also works if you want to license an offline computer.  Just save the file to a USB key or similar, and then move them to your offline computer.

Keeping a backup of your license file(s):  The Harrison "license file" for each of our products is a simple text file that may be freely copied, moved, and backed-up for your convenience.

License Usage:  You may install your license file(s) on all of your computers, as long as you are the only user.  The license file has your name encrypted in it, so you should not share it with others.

License Availability:  For security reasons, the emailed link to your license file is only valid for 7 days.  This prevents someone from using your license file if they gain access to your email someday in the future.  But if you need to re-download the file, please write our support email ( ) and we can send your license file(s).

License File Name: Each of our products ( Mixbus, Mixbus32C, and various plugins ) have a different license file associated with them.  For example, the license file for mixbus is called "license_key_harrison_mixbus4.txt" and it should be saved in your HOME folder, where Mixbus will find the file and use it.  It is important that the filename is exactly correct.  If you download a file more than once, your browser might append a "(1)" or "-1"  to the duplicated file.  In this case, you should rename the file to remove the extra characters.

Displaying your HOME folder with your available license files:   In Window->License Manager,  you can click "Show License Folder" to show your HOME folder.  You don't have to use the "License folder" button to find your HOME folder, though.  You can click Go->Home in Finder (Mac OSX), or click your user-name in the Start Menu (Windows).

Installing the License to a different folder:  If you don't want the license files in your HOME folder, Mixbus will also look for the files in these locations:

On MacOS,Mixbus searches the following locations (first found is used):

  • $HOME/Library/Application Support/harrisonconsoles/
  • $HOME/.
  • /usr/local/share/ (intended for multi-user institution-wide licenses)

On Windows, Mixbus searches the following locations (first found is used)

  • %localappdata%

On Linux, Mixbus searches the following locations (first found is used)

  • $HOME/.
  • $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/harrisonconsoles/
  • $HOME/.config/harrisonconsoles/
  • /usr/local/share/ (intended for multi-user institution-wide licenses)

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