Mixbus "Per User" License

Mixbus and Mixbus32C  are sold with a "per-user" license.

You may install the Mixbus license file on all of your computers, as long as you are the only user.  The license file has your name encrypted in it, so you should not share it with others.

The license is provided as a simple file;  there is no dongle or online authorization required.

After you've made your purchase, a html link to the  file is provided in the fulfillment email.  You should receive this email within a few seconds of your purchase.  Once you've downloaded the license file, you may keep a copy for your own use.  For security reasons, the link to the file will become inactive after 7 days.  If you don't download the license file within 7 days, please email us (preferably from the account associated with the purchase) and ask us to resend the file.  You do not need to provide your purchase number;  the email used to purchase the product is sufficient.

Click Here to learn more about the Mixbus licensing process.

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